About The Eye Spy Tool Store

The Eye Spy Tool Store is a division of Metts Investigations . We have provided Private Investigator services for the Southeast since 1992.

Fundamentally our mandate is to save you money. Our system has been designed with your profits in mind utilizing various applications to help you achieve a more efficient and profitable business. With the ability to improve administrative functions such as the checking of timesheets or more accurate invoicing as well as ways to improve customer care and reduce complaints your business is certain to benefit from a GPS system. Ultimately it makes fleet management easier, whether this is knowing when the next delivery is coming in or simply finding the nearest engineer for a customer; any company that needs to know the location of its mobile assets and personnel should consider GPS services. The Eye Spy Tool Store is proud to offer complete systems that enable you to track, monitor and protect your assets and personnel. Additionally, implementation of GPS systems simplify compliance issues with workplace regulations and your employer's insurance. It does this by giving you vital information on exactly where and how your people are being utilized - protecting your staff and protecting you.

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