CT-200 Mini-MT

GPS Tracker

The CT-200 Mini Tracker is a state-of-the art GPS tracking device that reports exact location, speed and battery level of the tracker, all in real time. A panic button enables users to transmit an alert instantly to any cell phone or email address with the touch of a button. The CT-200 can be used anywhere in the world, providing perfect asset management, personal safety and covert tracking abilities. Works worldwide with both GPRS/SMS. The Panic Button alerts its location via e-mail and/or cell phone (programmable up to 5 phone numbers and/or e-mail addresses). Automatic Geofencing is initiated by the push of a button and activates a 50ft permieter geofence around the device. Perimeter violation alerts via SMS text message and/or e-mail (programmable up to 5 numbers and 5 addresses).

Internal rechargeable battery lasts for approximately 12 hours of motion.
Built in motion sensor will turn unit off to conserve battery life when no motion is occurring.
Ability to provide location data as frequently as every 5 seconds.
Extremely sensitive antenna design.
Belt clip attachment can be used to wear the unit like a pager.
Utilizes GPRS connectivity through the GSM network.
Utilizes Assisted GPS through the Broadcom-Global Network World Wide Assist Network to provide quicker TTFF (Time to First Fix) and to allow the unit to function in semi-obstructed environments.
Measures 3.8" x 2.25" x 1"

Waterproof Magnetic Case
Extended Battery Pack (Increases Battery life to Approx. 72+ hrs of motion)
Belt Clip (Comes Standard with Device)

Mapping Features:
Satellite Mapping
Battery Level
Direction of Travel
Geo-fence Alerts
SMS & Email Alerts
Real Time & Historical Locations
Stop Time & Address Reports
First Motion Alerts
Worldwide Coverage Available