Fleet Tracker

GPS Tracker
Law Enforcement Bait Unit

The fleet tracking unit is a hard-wired vehicle tracking device with advanced tracking capabilities. The tracking kit comes with the tracking device, GPS antenna, Cell Antenna, and Hardwire Cables. The tracker can control 2 outputs (Door Locks, Starter Kill, etc.) & 1 Input (Door Entry or Panic Button). The tracker will also send an alert if its power supply has been cut or if the vehicle is speeding (User Controlled Speed Setting). End users do not need to use the Inputs/Outputs if they do not want to.

Features: Hard-wired connection
Miniature Size: 2.5" x 2.5" x 1"
Rapid Reporting
Quad Band GPRS
2 Outputs / 1 Input

Fleet Tracker Pro Kit Includes: Tracking Device
GPS Antenna
Cell Antenna
Hardwire Cables

Mapping Features: Satellite Mapping
Address Reports
Stop Reports
Geo-Fence Alerts
Battery level
Direction of Travel
No Software Installation
Worldwide Coverage Available