Trim Trac Pro

GPS Tracker

Portable, Compact, Affordable Real Time GPS Vehicle / Asset Tracking System The Trim Trac (TM) Pro locator is a compact, light-weight GPS tracking device that requires little, if any, installation when used in its batterypowered configuration. The Pro model offers advanced functions not available in previous models. One of the main features is a port for an external antenna. (In addition to internal antenna.) Using the external antenna allows the installer to hide the unit more covertly in a vehicle and run the small antenna to an area where there is better GPS reception, such as under the dash or under the rear deck of a car, or in other areas where the main unit would not fit.
It operates using 4 AA Batteries or with an optional Hardwire Kit. With Motion-based reporting, this versatile tracking device becomes dormant when motionless, minimizing power consumption. No installation required when used in its battery-powered configuration.

Portable - 4 AA Battery Powered
No external wires or antennas needed
Optional Hardwire Attachment Kit
Low or no installation costs
No custom programming required
Ready-to-use Water-resistant housing
Quad Band GSM/GPRS
Enhanced GPS
Measures 5.78" x 2.99" x 1.44"

External Antenna
Hardwire Kit
Metal Mounting Bracket
Quick Release Plastic Bracket
Weatherproof Magnetic Case

Mapping Features:
Address Reports
Satellite Mapping
Stop Reports
Geo-Fence Alerts
SMS & Email Alerts
No Software Installation
Worldwide coverage Available
Secure GPS Tracking on any computer or PDA-style cell phone