Tracker Display Services

The Eye Spy Tool Store is a division of Metts Investigations . We have provided Private Investigator services for the Southeast since 1992. We use the products we sale in our own firm and highly recommend them to increase safety, provide clients quality tracking, and to reduce costs. We provide the GPS units. You may purchase service to monitor your GPS units from a wide variety of providers, some of whom we list below.

GPS Intelligence :
The GPS Intel custom back-end server has the ability to receive coordinates from gps field devices, and display the tracking device in real time on an aerial map.
The GPS Intel mapping services are capable of displaying the following information: Exact location of the tracking device/asset Street address & Latitude/Longitude of device/asset Current & Historical Speed of the device/asset Historical locations where the device/asset has traveled Battery Condition of the tracking device/asset Various Reports including stop times & addresses visited

system asset