Investigation Today is a Complex Science

Our company specializes in GPS tracking solutions for law enforcement, government, and commercial applications. Our solutions include Autonomous, Assisted, & Hybrid-Assisted GPS tracking equipment. Our equipment technology along with our advanced mapping software allows assets to be tracked in any environment for extended periods of time. Assets can be tracked via any internet accessible computer or "pda" style cellphone.

Licensed Private Investigations
The days of dangerous and unreliable "visual tailing" are over. Set the frequency of reporting and maintain a GPS Tracking history log. Useful for Headquarters as well as Field Agents with Smart Phones or wireless enabled laptops.

Fleet Management
Savings on competent fleet management mean either a wider profit margin or benefits you can pass on to your customer. Professional fleet tracking management shows through as a business that can be relied upon.

Asset Tracking
Protect, monitor and track mobile assets such as plant equipment, goods in transit, boats and trailers. Increase revenues and lower costs through better utilisation, reduced downtime and improved security.